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Masterful Flogging

Luke | Gay Porn | Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Suspended above the air, Chad Chambers big, uncut cock hangs down and is in perfect position for milking by Luke Desmond. After getting him rock hard, Luke lets Chad up so we can see that beautifully smooth body while he jerks him off some more and flogs him to ensure a mix of pleasure and pain.

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Surf’s up, so’s my boy

Luke | Gay Porn | Monday, July 30th, 2012

I met this sexy little fucker when i was on the south coast last year. Gotta love the surfer guys! Our first shag was behind one of the beach huts. I just loved the look on his face when he cums, so i asked him to do this video. Check out how smooth his body is, i shaved him just before the video, I think i need to tell him i’ve put it online…

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Luke | Gay Porn | Saturday, July 28th, 2012

With his ass tied in the air begging to be used, Leroy takes it upon himself to fill Mylo’s hole with everything he can think of. One by one he uses his toys to fuck Mylo’s tight ass before he gets a sudden urge. Leroy gets out the spreader and opens Mylo up so he can fill him to the brim with his warm steaming piss. Poor Mylo’s ass isn’t big enough to take the whole load, so as it begins to pour out, Leroy decides its time for some heavy face fucking.

Bareback Apprentice

Luke | Gay Porn | Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

A hot muscle boy finds a new twink bottom boy willing to be penetrated by raw cock in this very naughty bareback video. The one-on-one sees the twink cutie bent over against a ladder and pounded mercilessly.

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Emo Boy Fucks Toy – Exposed Emos

Luke | Gay Porn | Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Andrew bought a new toy and decided to show it off at home. Andrew knows just how to make you horny!

Barebacking the J-Boys

Luke | Gay Porn | Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

Gay Asian Porn

Yuu is on the phone with his boyfriend as Masaru starts to kiss and fondle him; I don’t know if Yuu’s boyfriend, Tsuyoshi, knows Yuu is not alone. I also don’t know if Yuu every really said “goodbye” to Tsuyoshi as he dropped the phone on the bed, he and Masaru just landed on. One thing is for sure, Yuu does want to say “hello” to Masaru’s cock in this “Barebacking the J-Boys” video.

Masaru starts with Yuu’s dick and quickly gets him named and sucked. Masaru works Yuu’s nipples while Yuu’s lips are in full contact with Masaru’s cock. Moving into a 69 position, both boys enjoy a hot wet tongue. Yuu continues on as Masaru works not only Yuu’s dick, but also his hole. As the boys suck, Yuu’s nice twink body shines in the light from a nearby window; the camera zooms in to watch Masaru’s mouth bounce on Yuu’s meat. Masaru pull off Yuu so that they may kiss tenderly and explore each other’s bodies more.

Masaru found what he was after as he puts Yuu in a missionary position and thrusts. Both boys are watching one another as they rock rhythmically. The camera pans behind both boys so we can see the balls deep action; Masaru has his cock ring on to extend his pleasure. Yuu moans and finds his happy place as Masaru continues the pace. As Masaru pulls out, the camera goes in tight for a hot shot of Yuu’s puckered opening. Masaru is now perched over Yuu, ready to unload.

Unannounced, Tsuyoshi walks in on the two and figures he will join the fun,orgy on; Tsuyoshi plans to top both twinks. As he walks toward the bed, he grabs a rather sizeable dildo to heighten their pleasure. Yuu becomes the center of attention; Tsuyoshi has Masaru suck Yuu, bringing him up instantly. Yuu rolls into a missionary position, so that Masaru can suck while Tsuyoshi works the dildo into Yuu’s hole.

Tsuyoshi then enters him with the real thing; Masaru continues to suck. Yuu seems to like being the center of attention; Tsuyoshi is pumping Yuu’s ass. Lying back, Masaru prepares his hole for Tsuyoshi and works the dildo on himself; Tsuyoshi then pulls out of Yuu and helps Masaru with the toy; both bottoms are side by side, missionary style. Slapping, jerking and vibrating the dildo, the top is definitely showing who is in control. Tsuyoshi then tells Masaru to return to blowing Yuu; the dildo is still in place. After this progression, Tsuyoshi removes the toy and penetrates. Masaru is still blowing Yuu.

Masaru is close to cumming, as Yuu licks his nipple and Tsuyoshi fingers them. Then Tsuyoshi has the two boys lie side by side, this time they masturbate. Yuu orgasms first; he blows from nipple to groin. Masaru is next; he pumps out sweet droplets of jizz.

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Gay Asian Porn Kings

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Tommy May Jerks His Cock – Exposed Emos

Luke | Gay Porn | Saturday, July 21st, 2012

Indie boy Tommy Jerks off at home in his bedroom! Tommy starts by striping down and teasing, followed by a long hot cam session, jerking in a few different positions until he cums!

James Radford Fucks Kai Alexander! – Homo Emo

Luke | Gay Porn | Sunday, July 8th, 2012

After watching the gorgeous James Radford wanking his hung hooded emo dong recently I think many were expecting to see him back for some boy on boy action pretty quickly.He might look so sweet and innocent, as though butter wouldn’t melt, but this boy is certainly not so innocent when it comes to sharing that dick with other boys!For his first duo he’s been teamed up with floppy-haired twink Kai Alexander, and all it takes is a little sucking face and groping for that big dick of his to be throbbing in his pants.Kai Alexander is a boy on a mission when he sees that impressive bulge, and he wastes no time getting on that hung uncircumcised emo pecker, grabbing it by the shaft and sucking on the hooded head. Check it out as he uses his tongue piercing to full effect!Sweet Kai gets his own oral treatment next as James Radford gets to work gobbling on his prick. But it’s that ass the hung boy is really after!Sliding in slow, James begins breaking Kai Alexander in with his big schlong. It takes a few moments, but soon he’s humping that butt and fucking the boy with his impressive meat.Taking control, Kai jumps on that hung hooded emo bone, riding James until the boys can feel that cream load building.Laying back and beating their meat, Kai is the first to blow, splashing his jizz over his tight abs. But James isn’t far behind, jerking himself off until his spunk is squirting out in jets over his pale skin.And with a gentle kiss, both boys are satisfied – and so are we!

Asian Lovers Caught In The Act – Massive Gay Pass

Luke | Gay Porn | Saturday, July 7th, 2012

Two Asian Lovers caught in the act of fucking and sucking in their apartment, each taking turns sucking bone before the eager bottom gets on his hands and knees and takes his buddies thick bone deep in his ass, moaning from intense anal pleasure the two finish up with a hot jizz facial and the bottom boy jerks his dong till he pops

Two Joshs For The Price Of One – Homo Emo

Luke | Gay Porn | Friday, July 6th, 2012

Josh Dixon and Josh Frey start things off with some kissing and heavy petting; Frey feels Dixon up through his cute little skivvies before pulling them aside to suck his dick. When Dixon tries to return the favour, he can hardly fit Frey’s fat pecker in his mouth! He can fit it up his ass, though, and he has no trouble taking a pounding before he cums. Frey pulls out of Dixon’s tight little holeand shoots jizz all over him.

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