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Toilet Wax & Ride

Luke | Gay Porn | Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Luke Desmond is back and this time he has brought along a Boynapped Victim of his very own. Lincoln gates is strapped face up to an old park bench in a public toilet forced to see his captors face as he covers Lincoln’s body in hot wax. Luke Stares Lincoln in the eye before fucking is cheeky looking face long and hard. Once luke discovers what a package Lincoln has downstairs he cant help himself but to make it his and ride it till he shoots all over Lincoln’s face.

Matt Sizemore, Nick Moretti & Rowdy McBeal

Luke | Gay Porn | Monday, October 29th, 2012

Rowdy, Nick and Matt make for one of the dirtiest trios we’ve seen for a while. Matt bends Rowdy over and penetrates him hard with his long thick cock. Matt and Nick then get him onto his knees, as Nick pees into the young stud’s dog bowl and mouth, commanding him to lap it all up. Now soaked in piss, Nick comes around and nails back into Rowdy’s tight hole so hard that the bottom begins to pee all over the floor. Nick and Matt then take turns fucking Rowdy’s hole and mouth, loosening it up for a hard thrashing until Matt insists on getting the same treatment. The horny studs then continue their fuck-session by triple-fucking each other until they can hold their loads no more.

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Piggy In The Middle

Luke | Gay Porn | Sunday, October 28th, 2012

Adam and Luke decide to share the baby face Aaron as they take it in turns to pound his little hole and ram their dicks down his throat. Suspended from the ceiling Aaron has to endure as the boys peg up his thighs and balls, then add industrial clamps onto his little nipples. As the boys are taking it in turns to fuck Aaron, while watching Lukes 9″ dick slide inside Aaron, Adam gets over excited and lets out a long stream of piss over their strung up boy. After they decide Aarons hole has had enough, Adam and Luke take aim as they both shoot their loads over Aarons cute little face.

Trouble In Pairs

Luke | Gay Porn | Friday, October 26th, 2012

Poor Aiden Jason, dealing with one Boynapped dom is bad enough, he has to contend with two. Ashton Bradley and Adam Watson waste no time in humiliating the poor lad. Covered in piss and beer his mouth and arse are abused with cocks and toys. The lad tries to fight back but it just gets him in even more trouble.

Kamrun and Kris

Luke | Gay Porn | Thursday, October 25th, 2012

When it comes to taking a foot-long of thick veiny raw black cock deep in your ass, you have to call in a pro like Kamrun to handle a newbie such as Kris. The two start off on the couch rock-hard and ready to go, with Kamrun dropping down to worship Kris’ massive black meat with his mouth and throat. Kamrun continues to choke down as much of Kris’ pole-like length as possible, jerking himself along the way, until he is ready for some thick cock to be stuffed in his ass. Kamrun throws his legs in the air, holding his knees tight, as Kris painfully inches his 12” monster cock in his hole, as Kamrun screams out. Kris gradually slides more and more of his enormous manhood into his tight bottom, until Kamrun is ready to take a ride on his black beast, opening up his asshole and bearing down almost all the way on his raw dick. Kamrun jumps off momentarily to clean off Kris’ giant black cock, licks his own ass-juice off his cock and then lies on his back, as Kris finally pounds his ass balls-deep. With Kamrun now loosened up as good as it gets, he bends over the couch as Kris continues going to town on his ass, tearing it wide open as he works up a huge cummy load. Unable to keep his mouth off of his black meat for too long, Kamrun moves back to sucking his dick again, before Kris takes to mounting his pig bottom like the animal he is, sliding his greased manhood into his hungry asshole rapidly, then throwing him on his side, pumping a huge, warm load of creamy white juice into his stretched-out hole. Kris then has his subservient bottom roll onto his back to suck his dick, while Kamrun blasts his own load of cum onto his stomach.

Brutally Fucked

Luke | Gay Porn | Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Leroy Dale has his sexy little emo in an awkward position. With one wrist tied to his ankle via the ceiling and the other wrist attached to his balls by the floor, Max Brown can only pull himself in all directions trying to keep balanced as he is brutally fucked and verbally abused by his sadistic captor.

Gabriel D’Alessandro and Dylan Hyde

Luke | Gay Porn | Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

In his next scene Gabriel is joined by newcomer and dirty bottom boy Dylan Hyde, who couldn’t wait to take every inch of Gabriel’s meat stick up his hole. The scene starts with the two hotties making out, with Dylan quickly getting down to business and dropping to his knees to swallow Gabe’s cock. The two then lie on the couch and 69 each other, before Dylan, being the hungry bottom he is, slides his hole onto Gabe’s face and starts fucking his wet and warm tongue. Now fully-revved and craving to have his hole filled with uncut cock, Dylan moves to the couch and bends over, while Gabe slams his cock into his ass and begins fucking him aggressively and raw. Dylan is then thrown onto his back, on the floor, with his legs high in the air, and Gabe starts filling his asshole with long pumps of his thick meat. Gabe then pulls out of Dylan and lies on his back and orders his submissive bottom to sit all the way down on his cock, which he does obediently, taking Gabe’s pre-cumming dick balls deep. Now that Dylan’s hole is nice and opened up, he’s thrown on all fours and mounted by Gabe, who is now hammering his dick into Dylan with no regard for the pain he might be in. Gabe finally pulls out of his slutty bottom, and hoses his butthole down with his sticky cum and fucks it into ass, displaying it for the camera. With Gabe still finger-fucking his cum-hole, Dylan begins to jerk off and shoots his huge load into Gabe’s mouth.

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Rope Bound

Luke | Gay Porn | Sunday, October 21st, 2012

Sexy, Cute, Innocent Leo James is found by Adam Watson covered from head to foot in various ropework. Adam is soon using this to his advantage playing with Leo’s huge dick and running his hands over Leo’s body & ropes. Adam is soon filling Leo’s face with mouthfuls of his hard thick cock before making his way around him and finking Leo hard. Adam then Pumps loess cock till he explodes his juicy load all over the floor.

Strung and Filled

Luke | Gay Porn | Saturday, October 20th, 2012

Adam Watson loves to push his boys to the limits, and damn does he push Aiden. Adam stretches Aidens hole out with everything he can find as he makes his way from finger to fist. Baby faced Aiden cant help but show the pain as Adam fills his arse with a length of chain then rips it back out. The anal pounding doesn’t stop little Aiden from giving up a hot teen load.

Pinwheel Massage

Luke | Gay Porn | Friday, October 19th, 2012

Ryan Hilton is tied to the bench, with Ashton Bradley initially helping him relax with a slow massage paying special attention to his feet. This is too nice for Ashton though and it isn’t long before it’s turned up a notch and the pin wheel comes out. With some furious wanking Ashton soon has Ryan moaning and exploding spunk everywhere.

Another Bareback Orgy – 1

Luke | Gay Porn | Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

It doesn’t get too much better than 9 horny guys, pumping raw loads into each other’s tight holes back-to-back, which is exactly what we did for SX Video’s latest film: Another Back Orgy. The scene starts off with beyond-sexy newcomers Rick Romo and Drew Sumrock making out, with Drew quickly dropping down to his knees to deep-throat Rick’s massive uncut cock. Drew continues to choke down every last inch of Rick’s massive meat-stick, while jerking off, until the hungry bottom’s craving to get his hole drilled consumes him, and he bends over to receive Rick deep inside his ass. Sage Daniels trickles into the scene while Rick is pounding Drew’s insides, and shoves his dick into both the bottom and Rick’s soft willing throats. The two tops continue to switch off for control of Drew’s tight pink hole, while the camera pans over to Miguel Temon getting his fat cock sucked by SX newbie Blake Daniels.
Using his hands and mouth, Blake gets Miguel’s dick as hard as steel and then throws his legs over the top’s shoulders and begins to moan uncontrollably as Miguel slips his girthy cock into his sweet tight hole and begins thrusting rapidly. Ray Dalton, Gio Ryder, Tyson James, and Jake Campbell join the raw fuck party next and make their way to the couch, with the bottoms dropping to their knees to service cock like they do best. Moans begin to fill the air as every man in the room either has his raw cock in a hole or is taking raw cock into his hungry hole. Bottom-boy Tyson James moves to the couch and takes a seat on Ray Dalton’s daddy dick, as the top penetrates the young bottom deep and thrusts into him with rapid-fire-speed over and over again.

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Dylans Bareback Orgy – Part 2

Luke | Gay Porn | Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Dylan is now warmed up and his hunger for raw cock is still going strong as more tops slowly make their way onto the set and into his horny ass. With each top having had a turn to plug and mark their territory in their gang bang victim, they continue to circle and take their second turns with the bottom like a pack of hungry wolves.

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The Hot and the Cold of it

Luke | Gay Porn | Monday, October 15th, 2012

Teamed up together, Adam and Sebastian take innocent Aaron Aurora to both ends of his limits as he’s exposed to the extremes of hot and cold. Secured to the cross helpless Aaron can only watch in horror as Adam pours stream after stream of hot was across his chest and nipples, as Sebastian stimulates his senses with a bucket load of ice. The sadistic pair watch on as Aarons entire body tenses and pulls as Adam shoves ice cubes up his ass as Sebastian milks him dry.

Adonis Trapped

Luke | Gay Porn | Sunday, October 14th, 2012

Muscle bound adonis Jake Kelvin is back and sexier then ever. Tied by his hands with his arms in the air is Herculean body oozes pure sex as Luke Desmond rubs massage oils into him. Luke starts working Jake’s pecs and down over is deadened abdomen before taking advantage of his more the amble uncut dick. Luke lacks and sucks Jake’s cock before sliding his own cock in-between jakes pert ass cheeks and inside is tight hole before shooting all over his face.

Love Big Boys

Luke | Gay Porn | Friday, October 12th, 2012

Don’t you just love guys with big dicks? Cause I do! I couldn’t believe my luck when i started dating Josh. He’s HUGE and knows just how to use it too. He’s really into having fun in the bedroom too, which I think is great.

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